• Title/Summary/Keyword: the variety of problem solving

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Application of '圓容三方互求' as a Mathematically Challenging Problem for Mathematically Gifted Elementary Students (초등 수학영재의 도전적 문제 상황을 위한 원용삼방호구(圓容三方互求)의 활용)

  • Chang, Hyewon
    • Journal for History of Mathematics
    • /
    • v.29 no.1
    • /
    • pp.17-30
    • /
    • 2016
  • This study focused on the selection and application of mathematical problems to provide mathematically challenging tasks for the gifted elementary students. For the selection, a mathematical problem from <算術管見> of Joseon dynasty, '圓容三方互求', was selected, considering the participants' experiences of problem solving and the variety of approaches to the problem. For the application, teaching strategies such as individual problem solving and sharing of the solving methods were used. The problem was provided for 13 mathematically gifted elementary students. They not only solved it individually but also shared their approaches by presentations. Their solving and sharing processes were observed and their results were analyzed. Based on this, some didactical considerations were suggested.