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Development of SAML Software for JAVA Web Applications in Korea (국내 자바 웹 응용을 위한 SAML 소프트웨어의 개발)

  • Jo, Jinyong;Chae, Yeonghun;Kong, JongUk
    • Journal of the Korea Institute of Information and Communication Engineering
    • /
    • v.23 no.9
    • /
    • pp.1160-1172
    • /
    • 2019
  • Federated authentication is a user authentication and authorization infrastructure that spans multiple security domains. Many overseas Web applications have been adopting SAML-based federated authentication. However, in Korea, it is difficult to apply the authentication because of the high market share of a specific Web (application) server, which is hard to use open-source SAML software and the high adoption of Java-based standard framework which is not easy to integrate with SAML library. This paper proposes the SAML4J, which is developed in order to have Web applications easily and safely integrated with the Java-based framework. SAML4J has a developer-friendly advantage of using a session storage independent of the framework and processing Web SSO flows through simple API. We evaluate the functionality, performance, and security of the SAML4J to demonstrate the high feasibility of it.