A Study on the Value of Kanga as an Ethos of the Swahili Culture

스와힐리 문화의 기풍으로써 캉가의 가치

  • Lee, Hyojin (Dept. of Fashion Design, Jeonbuk National University)
  • Received : 2021.10.14
  • Accepted : 2021.12.31
  • Published : 2022.02.28


The goal of this study is to analyze the value of Kanga as an ethos of the Swahili culture. The theoretical background of the research method was the analysis of the domestic and foreign literature, journals, and research data from various internet sites related to the subject, and the conclusion was drawn based on these studies. With the spread Pan-Africanism, the interest in African ethos has become a source of inspiration for contemporary fashion. Moreover, as a symbol of Swahili culture in East Africa, Kanga has been developed by embracing its own diverse cultures, The unique feature of Kanga is that it can easily be transformed created ceaselessly and creatively. Consequently, the following results were obtained based on the theoretical content. Firstly, as a representative of Women's Voice, Kanga serves as an outlet for the voices of women coming from a poor social status under the political background in East Africa. Secondly, as a Reliable Advocate, Kanga performs the positive functions as a medium of communication through its traditional usage and distinctive arrangement of clothes. Thirdly, as a Versatile Messenger, the uniqueness of Kanga with the external elements in most interestingly and active mannerly, and it has become the value of communication channel which clearly inspired the fashion designers. I believe that it will be interesting and meaningful to study the strategies on the social role of Kanga in the future which has started receiving more attention in the 21st century. And it can be said that Kanga's unique identity lies in the attraction and value which influences contemporary fashion.



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