Haidao Suanjing in Joseon Mathematics

해도산경(海島算經)과 조선(朝鮮) 산학(算學)

  • Received : 2019.11.14
  • Accepted : 2019.12.26
  • Published : 2019.12.31


Haidao Suanjing was introduced into Joseon by discussion in Yang Hui Suanfa (楊輝算法) which was brought into Joseon in the 15th century. As is well known, the basic mathematical structure of Haidao Suanjing is perfectly illustrated in Yang Hui Suanfa. Since the 17th century, Chinese mathematicians understood the haidao problem by the Western mathematics, namely an application of similar triangles. The purpose of our paper is to investigate the history of the haidao problem in the Joseon Dynasty. The Joseon mathematicians mainly conformed to Yang Hui's verifications. As a result of the influx of the Western mathematics of the Qing dynasty for the study of astronomy in the 18th century Joseon, Joseon mathematicians also accepted the Western approach to the problem along with Yang Hui Suanfa.


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