The function of language and its limitations in the Modern theater

현대 연극에 나타난 언어의 위기 및 그 한계

  • Published : 2006.12.30


The modern play is going through a change that is differentiating it from the plays of yesterday. The importance of narration through language, specifically that of words spoken on stage as a means of communication is being replaced by images and minimalism of words. The narration that depended on spoken words today depends more on the images that are conjured on stage. This movement shows also the very development of stage and its craft in the domain of theater and especially holds true in the avant-garde theaters of today. The avant-garde theater, in trying to duplicate the reality does not confine itself to oratory rhetorics that we see in the traditional plays of the past but expresses itself by mimicking the reality to the utmost possible.