The Letter and the Image

문자와 영상 사이

  • Published : 2006.12.30


The paper brings to question how image as a medium is becoming a replacement for traditional letters in the modern culture. Reflection the importance of image in the context of modern society with the changes in the values of communication. The importance of letters in its traditional format as a book that signified not only the method of communication but also power for those who governed during the days of illiteracy in the past has changed, in the beginning with the development of printing and today with movies etc. that supply endless images instead of words as a means of communication. The images are the next generation in the method of communication and can be noted from the earliest civilizations such as Egypt where the method of communication was not words but drawings that depicted specific significations. The use of images for communication purposes in light of this fact suggests that images was being used before words in societies and its communicative values greater than that of words.