Clairaut의 <기하학 원론>에 근거한 7-나 단계 작도단원의 자료 개발과 적용에 관한 연구

Development and Application of Learning Materials of the Construction Unit in 7-B Grade Based on Clairaut's $El{\`{e}}ments$ de $G{\`{e}}om{\`{e}}trie$

  • 발행 : 2006.11.30


본 논문의 연구자는 중등과정 <7-나 단계> 작도 단원의 의미 있는 학습을 위하여, 자연스러운 발생을 강조하는 Clairaut의 <기하학 원론>을 기반으로 한 5차시 학습 자료를 개발하였다. 중학교 1학년 학생 6명을 대상으로 이를 적용한 수업을 실시하였고, 작도문제 해결을 분석에서 시작하여 작도, 확인 및 탐구로 이어지는 학습 과정의 특징을 분석하였다.

For a meaningful learning of the Construction Unit in 7-B Grade, this study aims to develop teaming materials on the basis of Clairaut's $El{\`{e}}ments$ de $G{\`{e}}om{\`{e}}trie$, which is grounded on a natural generation derived from the history of mathematics and emphasizes students' inquiry activity and reflective thinking activity, and to analyze the characteristics of learning process shown in classes which use the application of teaming materials. Six students were sampled by gender and performance and an interpretive case study was conducted. Construction was specified so as to be consciously executed with emphasis on an analysis to enable one to discover construction techniques for oneself from a standpoint of problem solving, a justification to reveal the validity of construction, and a step of reflection to generalize the results of construction.