Assay Method for Lectin-conjugated Ellagitannin Encapsulated in Liposomal Formulations

리포좀 제제 중 렉틴-엘라지탄닌 포합체의 분석법 확립

  • Published : 2001.09.20


Lectin-conjugated ellagitannin (LET), a newly introduced melanoma-specific antitumor agent which has been synthesized by conjugation of wheat germ agglutinin as a lectin with praecoxin A as an ellagitannin, was encapsulated into sterically stabilized liposomes (SSL). Modified Folin phenol method was established for the quantitation of LET contents in liposomal formulations protein employing the standard calibration curve with bovine serum albumin. After removal of phospholipid by organic solvent extraction, which interferes the specific selectivity of the Folin-Ciocalteu reagent with the protein, recovery of LET was $94.5{\pm}2.3%$ and the encapsulation efficiency was revealed as $37.8{\pm}5.9%$ for 2.5 mg/ml LET solution.