Experimental Investigation of R-22 Condensation in Tubes with Small Inner Diameter

  • Kim, Nae-Hyun (Department. of Mechanical Engineering, University of Inchon) ;
  • Cho, Jin-Pyo (Graduate School, University of Inchon)
  • Published : 1999.09.01


In this study, condensation heat transfer experiments were conducted in two small diameter (ø17.5, ø4.0) tubes. Comparison with the existing in-tube condensation heat transfer correlations indicated that these correlations over predict the present data. For example, Akers correlation over predicted the data up to 104 %. The condensation heat transfer coefficient of the ø4.0 I.D. tube was smaller than that of the ø7.5 I.D tube; at the mass velocity of 300 kg/$m^2$s, the difference was 12 %. The pressure drop data of the small diameter tubes were highly (two to six times) over predicted by the Lockhart-Martinelli correlation. Sub-cooled forced convection heat transfer test confirmed that Gnielinski's single phase heat transfer correlation predicted the data reasonably well.