Ocular Bacteria and Concentration of Lactoferrin in Poodle Dogs with Tear Staining Syndrome

Tear Staining Syndrome을 보이는 Poodle에 있어서 내안각의 세균총 및 눈물의 Lactoferrin 함량

  • Published : 1995.06.01


This study was performed to evaluate the effects of ocular bacteria and tear lactoferrin on the Tear Staining Syndrome(TSS) in poodle dogs. Staphylococcus, Klebsiella, Micrococcus and Pseudomonas were the most Prevalent microorganisms isolated in normal eyes of poodle dogs, whereas the predominant isolates in the poodle dogs with TSS were Micrococcus, Staptococcus and Staphylococcus. There were no significant differences between the normal and tear-stained poodle dogs in the quantity of tear lactoferrin. In vitro hair staining experiment, bacteria isolated from the eyes with TSS and lactoferrin didn't stain hair. The results have shown that either ocular bacteria or tear lactoferrins were not related to the TSS.