Particle Separator using Radiation Force

광력을 이용한 입자 분리 장치


To improve the conventional optical chromatography, the continuous particle separator, the cross-type optical chromatography, is fabricated using micro-channel and fiber optics. A laser beam irradiates into the liquid solution containing particles in the perpendicular to the liquid flow direction. The different sized polystyrene latex micro-spheres, $2.0\;{\mu}m\;{\pm}\;0.02\;{\mu}m$, $5.0\;{\mu}m\;{\pm}\;0.05\;{\mu}m$, and $10.0\;{\mu}m\;{\pm}\;0.09\;{\mu}m$ diameter, are separated in cross-type optical chromatography. The separated particles are delivered to down stream in the micro-channel maintaining the retention distance continuously. The measured retention distances for different sized particles well agree with theoretical predictions.