Electrohydrodynamic Flow around a Circular-Cylindrical Rod Submerged in a Dielectric Liquid

비전도성 액체에서의 실린더 막대 주변에 생기는 전기동역학적 유체흐름

  • Published : 2007.11.30


The induced-charge electroosmosis (ICEO) is a kind of electroosmotic flow which is generated by the electrical charge induced by an externally-applied electric field. That kind of electrokinetic phenomenon provides a nonmechanical technique to handle microscale flows and particles. In this work, we report that the ICEO-like flow is observed around two kinds of circular-cylindrical rod submerged in a dielectric liquid. The conductivity of the solution is varied by adding a surfactant. The flow field is visualized by the PIV method, and average flow speed shows a remarkable dependence on electrical input frequency. Interestingly, the characteristics of the flow are quite different from the conventional ICEO with respect to the flow direction and the locations of center of vortices.