Analysis of Flow Distribution around Room Air Conditioner Using PIV Technique

PIV기법을 이용한 룸에어컨 주변 유동 분포 해석

  • Published : 2006.12.01


Whole flow fields of a room air conditioner (RAC) have been visualized by a Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) technique to analyze the flow structure by various inlet and outlet angles, and to control an eccentric vortex which affects an efficiency and noise of the RAC. A test model with 5 stages of a cross flow fan has been manufactured and a transparent acryl has been installed at the side of the test model for the PIV experiment. The inlet and outlet flows and the flow inside the cross flow fan have been analyzed by varying the inlet grill angles and outlet blade angles. The movement of the eccentric vortex has been investigated experimentally by developing the measurement technique for the inner flow field of the cross flow fan, and the relationship between the control of the eccentric vortex and the inlet and outlet angles has been confirmed in this study.