Development of 3-D Stereo PIV

3차원 스테레오 PIV 개발

  • Published : 2002.11.01


A process of 3-D particle image velocimetry, called here, as '3-D stereo PIV' was developed for the measurement of a section field of 3-D complex flows. The present method includes modeling of camera by a calibrator based on the homogeneous coordinate system, transfromation of oblique-angled image to transformed image, identification of 2-D velocity vectors by 2-D cross-correlation equation, stereo matching of 2-D velocity vectors of two cameras, accurate calculation of 3-D velocity vectors by homogeneous coordinate system and finally 3-D animation as the post processing. In principle, as two frame images only are necessary for the single instantaneous analysis of a section field of 3-D flow, more effective vectors are obtainable contrary to the previous multi-frame vector algorithm. An experimental system was also used for the application of the proposed method. Three analog CCD cameras and an Argon-Ion Laser(300mW) for illumination were adopted to capture the wake flow behind a bluff obstacle.