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Isolation and Biological Activity of Verbascoside, A Potent Inhibitor of Protein Kinase C from the Calyx of Campsis grandiflora (능소화의 꽃받침으로부터 Protein Kinase C 저해물질인 Verbascoside의 분리 및 그 생물활성)

  • 이현선;박문수;오원근;안순철;김보연;김환묵;오구택;민태익;안종석
    • /
    • v.37 no.6
    • /
    • pp.598-604
    • /
    • 1993
  • The calyx extract of Campsis grandiflora displayed inhibitory activity against protein kinase C from the bovine brain. Separation guided by protein kinase C enzyme assay and bleb forming assay led to isolation of a potent protein kinase C inhibitor that was identified as a known phenylpropanoid glycoside, verbascoside. It suppressed completely bleb-formation of K562 cell surface induced by phorbol 12,13-dibutylate at the concentration of 60 $\mu\textrm{g}$/ml and IC$_{50}$ of the protein kinase C occured at 20 $\mu{M}$. This compound was tested for cytotoxic activity against ten human tumor cell lines in vitro. it exhibited moderate cytotoxic activity against skin tumor cell line M14 (IC$_{50}$ 2.2 $\mu\textrm{g}$/ml) and very weak cytotoxicity against other cell lines (IC$_{50}$>10 $\mu\textrm{g}$/ml)

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