• Title/Summary/Keyword: Artificial Intelligence Police Activities

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Discussions on Regulation and Use of Police Drones (경찰활동상 드론규제와 활용을 위한 논의)

  • Park, Han-Ho;Kim, Sung-Hwan
    • The Journal of the Korea Contents Association
    • /
    • v.17 no.7
    • /
    • pp.408-415
    • /
    • 2017
  • The aim of this study is to discuss some of the prominent ideas which use drone for police works. Focusing on the extent of the utility and practicability of using drone in policing, this paper attempts to address both positive and negative aspects in conjunction with related statutes and regulations. This study uses a qualitative case study approach and offers three practical implications including: (1) enacting a law that covers using drones in policing, (2) hiring technical professionals or training police officers to prevent illegal drones and to implement a variety of policing strategies, and (3) collecting data and information on crime and criminals and then developing the best way to respond to these problems.