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1 Two-Degree-of Freedom PID Controllers/
[[M. Araki;H. Taguchi]] / null
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2 Trajectory planning for industrial robot manipulators considering assigned velocity and allowance under joint acceleration limit/
[[S. R. Munasinghe;M. Nakamura;S. Goto;N. Kyura]] / null
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3 Serial communication-based fault diagnosis of a BLDC motor using Bayes classifier/
[[S. H. Suh;K. J. Woo]] / null
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4 A suboptimal algorithm of the optimal Bayesian filter based on the receding horizon strategy/
[[Y. S. Kim;K. S. Hong]] / null
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5 Centralized Kalman filter with adaptive measurement fusion: its application to a GPS/SDINS integration system with an additional sensor/
[[T. G. Lee]] / null
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6 An Intelligent tracking method for a maneuvering target/
[[B. J. Lee;Y. H. Joo;J. B. Park]] / null
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7 Command shaping control for limiting the transient sway angle of crane systems/
[[K. T. Hong;C. D. Huh;K. S. Hong]] / null
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