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A Study on the Social Phenomena of the Ming Dynasty from the Description of Characters' images in the Work of "Piao Hai Lu"  

Choi, Chang-Won (Dept. of Chinese, Chungwoon University)
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Industry Promotion Research / v.3, no.1, 2018 , pp. 73-77 More about this Journal
This paper written by Choi Bu based on "Piaohailu". This book consists of 3 volumes and it is his travelogue; Choi Bu has departed from Jeju Island to Naju, Jeolla province in the end of 1487, but it drifted on his way, so arrived to Zhejiang Province, China(Mid-Ming Dynasty) in early 1488. In this place, he interrogated with a reason for Japan pirates, but he released soon. And his waterway journey from Hangzhou to Beijing, he had received the award in Beijing which is the grace of the Emperor;and his land route journey from Beijing through Liaodong to Uiju, Pingan Province. Afterwards, this book had been translated in Japanese, English etc; and it had been awarded an alias of 'Chaoxian's Marco Polo'.From the description of the characters in the Mid-Ming Dynasty in the work of Pyohae-rok, the essay makes a study on the knowledge of ancient Korean scholars to China, and looks at the different social and political aspects and characteristics of the Ming Dynasty from the eyes of Korean scholars. It summarizes that when we face history squarely, it is important to refer to and draw on the foreign works recorded by ancient Korean scholars.
Choi-Fu; "Piao Hai Lu"; Ming Dynasty Society; Character Phenomenon; Social Phenomenon;
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