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A Study on the Deepening Through Cultural Contents Development : Focused on (Imwon-kyungje) of Suwoo-gu  

Min, Byeong-Hyun (Dept. of Office, Media Communication, ChungWoon University)
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Industry Promotion Research / v.3, no.1, 2018 , pp. 49-60 More about this Journal
Cultural content is also the result of 'creation', but it is also the 'process' of understanding creation, practice, and difference. Therefore, content should be selected as high-quality content that fills the contents of fusion and knowledge, while it is popular. Confucius, the founder of East Asian humanism, influenced the philosophy of food and shelter, and the dietary life in the late Joseon period. Confucius influenced not only Confucian scholars but also the food hall of the Joseon Dynasty. "mwon-kyungje" Jeongjo-ji is an encyclopedia of food and cuisine, which consists of four volumes of seven chapters and deals with ingredients, recipes and benefits of foods and the relevant taboos. Here the author compiled more than a thousand recipes not just for meat and vegetable dishes but for various kinds of beverage such as soft and boiled drink, for confectionery sweets such as honey cookies and sugar candies, and even for wine and liquor "mwon-kyungje" As he lived to the age of 72, he looked back at his life and said that he should be careful about what to do and how to do well. The food culture of Confucius has been recorded in the daily life of the Josin period and is influenced by Suwon Seo-gu, "mwon-kyungje".
Imwon-kyungje; Jeongjo-ji; Cultural Contents; Food Culture Suwoo-gu;
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