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A Study on Activation in Win-Win Cooperation Quality Circle Innovation Activities  

Ahn, Hyobeom (Dept. of Industrial Engineering, Graduate School, Jeonju University)
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Industry Promotion Research / v.3, no.1, 2018 , pp. 43-48 More about this Journal
This study is focusing on activating and developing the right model of win-win partnership innovative activity for the purpose of win-win relationship among companies. These are the following studies that are conducted for that objective. First, This study systematically analyzes the best cases of the win-win partnership focusing on the proceedings of the companies participating in the field of win-win Partnership at the national quality-circle contest for the last three years(2014~2016). This study reveals the underlying problems of win-win partnership innovative activity and draws the conclusion in the way of improvement about the win-win partnership innovative activity. Second, This study suggests the efficient method of the function and improvement of a system for activating win-win partnership innovative activity by analyzing screening criterion and selecting excellent cases in the field of win-win Partnership at the national quality-circle contest in 2017. Third, This study suggests the method of strengthening the system of sharing result for invigorating and motivating the win-win partnership innovative activity. It is expected that this methodology for reinforcing the system of Win-win Partnership among companies will help to create the environment where a sound and new corporate culture can be settled. And It is also expected that this study can contribute to attaining the goal of growing together through enhancing the competitiveness, productivity and quality among Win-win Cooperation companies.
Quality Circle; Win-Win Cooperation Circle; QC 7 tools; Productivity; Innovation activity;
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