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The Effect of Middle Leader Impersonal Behavior of SMEs on the Counterproductive Work Behaviors of Organization Member -Focused on the Trickle down Effect and Moderating Effect of POS-  

Bae, Sung-Pil (YesanNongsan)
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Industry Promotion Research / v.3, no.1, 2018 , pp. 33-42 More about this Journal
This study examined the effect of behavior on leader' s impersonal behavior and organizational members 'semi - productive task and the moderating effect of organizational support perception. As a result of conducting a questionnaire survey on SMEs of auto parts industry in Chungnam, Sejong, and Daejeon, the non-personality behaviors of the top leaders had a significant effect on the non-personality behaviors of the middle leaders (p <.001, ${\beta}=.910$). The results of this study are as follows. First, the relationship between the leader and the supervisor was significantly influenced by the non-personality behaviors. In addition, higher leaders have a moderating effect on negative behaviors and semi-productive task behaviors toward the organization of members. The control effect of semi - productive task behavior was confirmed. The results of this study provide suggestions for reducing economic loss and social loss due to semi-productive task behavior of organizational members by revealing the phenomenon of non-personality behavior of middle leader to non-personality behavior of upper leader.
Middle Leader; Impersonal Behavior; Counterproductive Work; Trickle down Effect; Behaviors of Organization Support Project; Small Businesses;
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