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The approach for supporting synchronous Ethernet in 10G EPON  

Cho, Jeong-Hyun (Division of Computer Engineering, Yeungnam College of Science & Technology)
Ahn, Cheol-Woong (Division of Digital Contents, Keimyung College University)
Chang, Yong-Suk (DAOOLDNS co. ltd.)
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Journal of the Korea Industrial Information Systems Research / v.18, no.6, 2013 , pp. 39-49 More about this Journal
In recent, many countries and research institutes have been studying how to construct the high-speed subscriber access network. Task Force team of IEEE 802.3ah has accomplished the standardization of EPON which is the next generation subscriber access network. EPON doesn't still have the bandwidth enough to support the new service(e.g various multimedia service) which demands the high bandwidth. For these new multimedia services,10G EPON is the next generation subscriber access network which expanded the up-down bandwidth range of 1G EPON 10 times in order to support demanding high bandwidth. We have proposed the model which can accommodate IEEE 802.1 AVB traffics smoothly in 10G EPON and suggesting the Intra-ONU scheduling model which makes this model operate effectively.
EPON; FTTH; Subscribe Access Network; Bandwidth Allocation; QoS;
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