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Design of a new adaptive circuit to compensate for aging effects of nanometer digital circuits  

Kim, Kyung Ki (대구대학교 전자전기공학부)
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Journal of the Korea Industrial Information Systems Research / v.18, no.6, 2013 , pp. 25-30 More about this Journal
In nanoscale MOSFET technology, aging effects such as Negative Bias Temperature Instability(NBTI), Hot carrier Injection(HCI), Time Dependent Dielectric Breakdown (TDDB) and so on which affect circuit reliability can lead to severe degradation of digital circuit performance. Therefore, this paper has proposed the adaptive compensation circuit to overcome the aging effects of digital circuits. The proposed circuit deploys a power gating structure with variable power switch width and variable forward body-biasing voltage in order to adaptively compensate for aging induced performance degradation, and has been designed in 45nm technology.
Reliability; Aging effects; NBTI; PBTI; HCI; TDDB; Power gating; Forward body biasing voltage;
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