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The effects of outsourcing strategies and outsourcing partner selection factors on the success of outsourcing and BSC performance  

Jeong, BumSung ((주)이노펌 컨설턴트)
Shim, JungTaek (창원대학교 경영학부)
Lee, SangShik (창원대학교 경영학부)
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Journal of the Korea Industrial Information Systems Research / v.18, no.6, 2013 , pp. 113-125 More about this Journal
Outsourcing is used as one of the effective methods while many companies have to start to innovate everything because of increased fierce global competition, low-growth economy, and varied customers' requirements. Under these conditions, a lot of firms are introducing outsourcing for cost savings, risk reduction, management efficiency, strengthen core competence. The purpose of this study is to analyze the effect of between outsourcing success by outsourcing strategy and factors for selecting outsourcing partners and BSC success in the Korea manufacturing. This study was intended to make it possible to get a practical approach on evaluation and compensation of the outsourcing manufacturing enterprises by identifying outsourcing success factors and BSC performance factors. When an outsourcing partner of enterprise is selected, detailed assessment will be possible in terms of partner's competence, financial factors, institutional factors, and operational factors.
Outsourcing Partner; Outsourcing Strategies; Outsourcing Success; BSC;
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