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A Review on the Food-Therapy with Five-Grain in 『Sikryochanyo』  

Yoon, Seo-Hyun (Professional Graduate School of Oriental Medicine, Won-Kwang University)
Lee, Seong-Jin (Dept. of Rehabilitation Health. Song-Won University)
Jo, Eun-Hee (Professional Graduate School of Oriental Medicine, Won-Kwang University)
Song, Ji-Chung (Dept. of Classics, College of Oriental Medicine, Won-Kwang University)
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The Journal of Korean Medical History / v.24, no.2, 2011 , pp. 105-116 More about this Journal
Objective : Foods could be materia medica through food-therapy in oriental medicine. "Sikryochanyo" is a food-therapy book totally. Therefore, there are many kinds of food are treated as materia medica. Method : Finding out cases of food-therapy with Five-Grain(RIce, Barley, Millet, Soy, Panicum miliaceum) in "Sikryochanyo" Result : In "Sikryochanyo", there were many methods of food-therapy with Five-Grain. Five-Grain were treated as materia medica even though they were usual food as normal meal. Conclusion : Five-Grain used in "Sikryochanyo" as many types of themselves and they had objectively effects comparing with "Materia Medica".
"Sikryochanyo"; Jeon Soonyi; Food-Therapy; Five-Grain;
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