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Efficient Energy Management for Pyro-processing of Solids - (1) Heat & Mass Balance and Evaluation  

Ha, Daeseung (Department of Mechanical Engineering, korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
Choi, Sangmin (Department of Mechanical Engineering, korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
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Journal of the Korean Society of Combustion / v.21, no.1, 2016 , pp. 18-30 More about this Journal
Pyro-process of solids is the way to heat solid materials under high temperature. In this processing, energy efficient use is one of the main concerns due to its high energy consumption of bulk materials. To calculate the energy use of processes, heat & mass balance in simplified 0-dimensional model was performed. Energy calculation by this simplified model can lead to confusion due to simplification. Thus, it is necessary to understand considerations of energy analysis. In this study, cement manufacturing as a very common example of pyro-processing of solids, was introduced for explaining considerations of energy analysis for energy efficient use.
Pyro-processing; Energy efficient use; Energy analysis;
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