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100 MWe Oxyfuel Power Plant Boiler System Process Design and Operation Parameters Sensitivity Analysis  

Baek, Sehyun (한전 전력연구원)
Ko, SungHo (충남대학교)
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Journal of the Korean Society of Combustion / v.18, no.4, 2013 , pp. 1-11 More about this Journal
The oxy-fuel combustion is $CO_2$ capture technology that uses mixture of pure $O_2$ and recirculated exhaust as oxidizer. Currently some Oxy-fuel power plants demonstration project is underway in worldwide. Meanwhile research project for converting 125 MWe Young-Dong power plant to 100 MWe oxy-fuel power plants is progress. In this paper, 1 D process analytical approach was applied for conducting process design and operating parameters sensitivity analysis for oxy-fuel combustion of Young-Dong power plant. As a result, appropriate gas recirculation rates was 74.3% that in order to maintain normal rating superheater, reheater steam temperature and boiler heat transfer patterns. And boiler efficiency 85.0%, CPU inlet $CO_2$ mole concentration 71.34% was predicted for retrofitted boiler. The oxygen concentration in the secondary recycle gas is predicted as 27.1%. Meanwhile the oxygen concentration 22.4% and moisture concentration 5.3% predicted for primary recycle gas. As the primary and secondary gas recirculation increases, then heat absorption of the reheater is tends to increases whereas superheater side is decreased, and also the efficiency is tends to decrease, according to results of sensitivity analysis for operating parameters. In addition, the ambient air ingression have a tendency to lead to decline of efficiency for boiler as well as decline of $CO_2$ purity of CPU inlet.
Oxy-fuel; Boiler; Process analysis;
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