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Helieum-dilution Effect of Coflow Air on Self-excitation in Laminar Coflow Jet Flames  

Lee, Won June (부경대학교 기계공학과)
Park, Jeong (부경대학교 기계공학과)
Kwon, Oh Boong (부경대학교 기계공학과)
Baek, Se Hyun (한국전력연구원 수화력발전팀)
Ko, Sung Ho (충남대학교 기계공학과)
Publication Information
Journal of the Korean Society of Combustion / v.17, no.4, 2012 , pp. 51-59 More about this Journal
Experimental study in coflow jet flames has been conducted to investigate the helium-dilution effect of coflow air on self-excitation. For various helium mole fractions and jet velocities, two types of self-excitation were observed: buoyancy-driven self-excitation and Lewis-number-induced self-excitation(here after called Le-ISE) coupled with buoyancy-driven one. The difference between buoyancy-driven and Le-ISE is clarified by using the Mie-scattering visualization as well as exploring the different features. The mechanism of Le-ISE is proposed. When the system Damk$\ddot{o}$hler number was lowered, Le-ISE is shown to be launched. Le-ISE is closely related to heat loss, in that it can be launched in even methane jet flame (Lewis number less than unity) with helium-diluted coflow air. Particularly, Le-ISE becomes significant as the Damk$\ddot{o}$hler number decreases and heat-loss becomes significant.
Buoyancy; Damk$\ddot{o}$hler number; Flame length; Heat-loss; Lewis number;
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