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A Study on Combustion Characteristics of Synthetic Gas Air Lifted Premixed Flames with High Strain Rate in an Impinging Jet Combustion Field  

Kang, Ki-Joong (순천대학교 우주항공공학과 대학원)
Park, Tae-Joon (순천대학교 우주항공공학과 대학원)
Hwang, Cheol-Hong (대전대학교 소방방재학과)
Lee, Kee-Man (순천대학교 기계우주항공공학부)
Publication Information
Journal of the Korean Society of Combustion / v.16, no.4, 2011 , pp. 31-37 More about this Journal
This paper presents both experimental and numerical investigation of the combustion characteristics of stretched premixed lift-off flames using synthetic gas($H_2$/CO) in an impinging burner. We used "Spin code" for numerical analysis. An ICCD camera was employed to measure flame location and flame thickness. The impinging surface temperature was affected by local strain rate K, equivalence ratio, and composition ratio of fuel. In spite of the difference of boundary conditions in experimental and numerical results, the tendencies of surface temperatures were agreed. From result of this work, we also found that flame location and flame thickness directly related to surface temperature are greatly affected by local strain rate K.
Synthetic gas; Impinging jet; Surface temperature; Flame location; Flame thickness;
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