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A study on the voice onset times of the Seoul Corpus males in their twenties  

Lee, Yuri (영남대학교 음성학과 대학원)
Yoon, Kyuchul (영남대학교)
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Phonetics and Speech Sciences / v.8, no.4, 2016 , pp. 1-8 More about this Journal
The purpose of this work is to examine the voice onset times (VOTs) of the three types of plosives from the Seoul Corpus male speakers in their twenties. In addition, the factors known to affect VOTs were analyzed, including the place and manner of articulation, speakers, location in words, type of following vowels and speech rates calculated from the three consecutive words. Much of the findings agreed with those from earlier studies on Korean and other languages and new discoveries were made.
Seoul Corpus; spontaneous speech; males; Korean; stops; plosives; VOT;
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