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Reversible Watermarking based Video Contents Management and Control technique using Biological Organism Model  

Jang, Bong-Joo (부경대학교 정보보호학협동과정)
Lee, Suk-Hwan (동명대학교 정보보호학과)
Kwon, Ki-Ryong (부경대학교 정보보호학협동과정)
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The infectious information hiding system(IIHS) is proposed for secure distribution of high quality video contents by applying optimized watermark embedding and detection algorithms to video codecs. And the watermark as infectious information is transmitted while target video is displayed or edited by codecs. This paper proposes a fast and effective reversible watermarking and infectious information generation for IIHS. Our reversible watermarking scheme enables video decoder to control video quality and watermark strength actively for by adding control code and expiration date with the watermark. Also, we designed our scheme with low computational complexity to satisfy it's real-time processing in a video codec, and to prevent time or frame delay during watermark detection and video restoration, we embedded one watermark and one side information within a macro-block. Experimental results verify that our scheme satisfy real-time watermark embedding and detection and watermark error is 0% after reversible watermark detection. Finally, we conform that the quality of restored video contens is almost same with compressed video without watermarking algorithm.
Infectious Information Hiding; Reversible Water-marking; Video Watermarking;
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