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Active Video Watermarking Technique for Infectious Information Hiding System  

Jang, Bong-Joo (부경대학교 정보보호협동과정)
Lee, Suk-Hwan (동명대학교 정보보호학과)
Kwon, Ki-Ryong (부경대학교 IT융합응용공학과)
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Most watermarking schemes for video contents protection have been studied to increase watermark's robustness and invisibility against such compressions and many kinds of signal processing after embedding copyright information to the original contents. This paper proposes an active watermarking that infect watermark to contents in the video decoding process using embedded infectious watermark and control signals from a video encoder side. To achieve this algorithm, we design a kernel based watermarking in video encoder side that is possible to recover the original contents and watermark in watermark detection procedure perfectly. And then, by reversible de-watermarking in video decoder side, we design the active watermark infection method using detected watermark and control signal. This means that our system can provide secure re-distributions of video contents without any quality degration and watermark bit error against transcoding or re-encoding processing. By experimental results, we confirmed that the embedded watermark was infected by video contents and codec perfectly without any declines of compression ratio and video quality.
Infectious Information Hiding; Active video Watermarking; video Redistribution; copyright protection;
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