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Division Algorithm in SuanXue QiMeng  

Hong, Sung Sa (Dept. of Math., Sogang Univ.)
Hong, Young Hee (Dept. of Math., Sookmyung Women's Univ.)
Lee, Seung On (Dept. of Math., Chungbuk National Univ.)
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Journal for History of Mathematics / v.26, no.5_6, 2013 , pp. 323-328 More about this Journal
The Division Algorithm is known to be the fundamental foundation for Number Theory and it leads to the Euclidean Algorithm and hence the whole theory of divisibility properties. In JiuZhang SuanShu(九章算術), greatest common divisiors are obtained by the exactly same method as the Euclidean Algorithm in Elements but the other theory on divisibility was not pursued any more in Chinese mathematics. Unlike the other authors of the traditional Chinese mathematics, Zhu ShiJie(朱世傑) noticed in his SuanXue QiMeng(算學啓蒙, 1299) that the Division Algorithm is a really important concept. In [4], we claimed that Zhu wrote the book with a far more deeper insight on mathematical structures. Investigating the Division Algorithm in SuanXue QiMeng in more detail, we show that his theory of Division Algorithm substantiates his structural apporaches to mathematics.
mathematical structures; Division Algorithm; Zhu ShiJie; SuanXue Qi-Meng;
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