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A Historical Analysis of Barrow's Theorem and Its Educational Implication  

Park, SunYong (Department of Mathematics Education, Yeungnam University)
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Journal for History of Mathematics / v.26, no.1, 2013 , pp. 85-101 More about this Journal
This study is to analyse the characteristics of Barrow's theorem on the historical standpoint of hermeneutics and to discuss the teaching-learning sequence for guiding students to reinvent the calculus according to historico-genetic principle. By the historical analysis on the Barrow's theorem, we show the geometric feature of the theorem, conjecture the Barrow's intention in dealing with it, and consider the epistemological obstacles undergone by Barrow. On a basis of this result, we suggest a purposeful and meaning-oriented teaching-learning way for students to realize the sameness of the 'integration' and 'anti-differentiation', and point out the shortcomings and supplement point in current School Mathematic Calculus.
Barrow's theorem; epistemological obstacles; historico-genetic principle;
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