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Hilbert's Program as Research Program  

Cheong, Kye-Seop (Duksung Women's University)
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Journal for History of Mathematics / v.24, no.3, 2011 , pp. 37-58 More about this Journal
The development of recent Mathematical Logic is mostly originated in Hilbert's Proof Theory. The purpose of the plan so called Hilbert's Program lies in the formalization of mathematics by formal axiomatic method, rescuing classical mathematics by means of verifying completeness and consistency of the formal system and solidifying the foundations of mathematics. In 1931, the completeness encounters crisis by the existence of undecidable proposition through the 1st Theorem of G?del, and the establishment of consistency faces a risk of invalidation by the 2nd Theorem. However, relative of partial realization of Hilbert's Program still exists as a fruitful research program. We have tried to bring into relief through Curry-Howard Correspondence the fact that Hilbert's program serves as source of power for the growth of mathematical constructivism today. That proof in natural deduction is in truth equivalent to computer program has allowed the formalization of mathematics to be seen in new light. In other words, Hilbert's program conforms best to the concept of algorithm, the central idea in computer science.
증명;형식적 공리론;완전성;무모순성;커리-하워드 대응;절단제거;
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