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Chosun Mathematician Hong Jung Ha's Genealogy  

Kim, Chang-Il (Department of Mathematical Education, Dankook University)
Hong, Sung-Sa (Department of Mathematics, Sogang University)
Hong, Young-Hee (Department of Mathematics, Sookmyung Women's University)
Publication Information
Journal for History of Mathematics / v.23, no.3, 2010 , pp. 1-20 More about this Journal
Hong Jung Ha(洪正夏, 1684~?) is the greatest mathematician in Chosun dynasty and wrote a mathematics book Gu Il Jib(九一集) which excels in the area of theory of equations including Gou Gu Shu. The purpose of this paper is to find his influence on the history of Chosun mathematics. He belongs to ChungIn(中人) class and works only in HoJo(戶曹) and hence his contact to other mathematicians is limited. Investigating his colleagues and kinship relations including the affinity and consanguinity, we conclude that he gave a great influence to those people and find that three great ChungIn mathematicans Gyung Sun Jing(慶善徵, 1684~?), Hong Jung Ha and Lee Sang Hyuk(李尙爀, 1810~?) are all related through marriage.
Hong Jung Ha(洪正夏); Gyung Sun Jing(慶善徵); Lee Sang Hyuk(李尙爀); ChungIn Mathematicans(中人算員); JuHakIbGyugAn(籌學入格案); JuHakSunSangAn (籌學先生案);
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