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Phylogenetic Relationship of Microcystis (Cyanophyceae) Based on Partial 16S rRNA Gene Sequences in Korea  

Kim, Jong-In (Department of Life Science, Chongju University)
Lim, Jong-Hun (ChungCheongBuk-Do Institute of Health & Environmental Research)
Lee, Jae-Wan (Department of Life Science, Chongju University)
Lee, Hae-Bok (Department of Life Science, Chongju University)
Publication Information
ALGAE / v.17, no.3, 2002 , pp. 153-159 More about this Journal
Partial 16S rRNA gene sequences of seven cyanophycean strains from the National Instiute of Environmental Research of Korea - Microcystis aeruginosa, M. aeruginosa f. aeruginosa, M. ichthyoblade, M. viridis, Anabaena flos-aquae, and Oscillatoria sancta - were analyzed and the phylogenetic relationship of Microcystis among Cyanophyceae were evaluated. Based on sequence analysis results, Microcystis is monophyletic, the clade of which supported 100% bootstrap tress, and distinguished clearly from the other taxa. Therefore, the partial 16S rRNA gene sequences can be a useful and efficient tool for distinguishing Microcystis from other cyanophycean without axenic culture or cloning.
Cyanophyceae; 16S rRNA; Microcystis; phylogent;
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