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Molecular Dynamics in Paraelectric Phase of KH2PO4 Crystals Studied by Single Crystal NMR and MAS NMR  

Paik, Younkee (Daegu Center, Korea Basic Science Institute)
Chang, Celesta L. (Department of Physics, Yonsei University)
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Journal of the Korean Magnetic Resonance Society / v.17, no.1, 2013 , pp. 19-23 More about this Journal
The temperature dependences of the NMR spectrum and the spin-lattice relaxation times in $KH_2PO_4$ were investigated via single-crystal NMR and MAS NMR. The stretched-exponential relaxation that occurred because of the distribution of correlation times was indicative of the degree of the distribution of the double-well potential on the hydrogen bond. The behaviors responsible for the strong temperature dependences of the $^1H$ and $^{31}P$ spin-lattice relaxation times in the rotating frame $T_{1{\rho}}$ in $KH_2PO_4$ are likely related to the reorientational motion of the hydrogen-bond geometry and the $PO_4$ tetrahedral distortion.
NMR; CP/MAS NMR; Crystal growth; Phase transition; Ferroelctrics;
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