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An Advanced Color Watermarking Technique using Various Spatial Encryption Techniques  

Jung, Soo-Mok (Division of Computer Science & Engineering, Sahmyook University)
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The Journal of Korea Institute of Information, Electronics, and Communication Technology / v.13, no.3, 2020 , pp. 262-266 More about this Journal
In this paper, we proposed an effective technique for hiding the watermark in the LSB of a color image by applying spatial encryption techniques. Even if the watermark hidden in the LSB of the image is extracted, the information of the extracted watermark cannot be decrypted because the watermark is encrypted using various spatial encryption techniques. Therefore, if the watermark is concealed in the LSB using the spatial encryption techniques proposed in this paper, the security is greatly improved compared to the existing technique of embedding the watermark in the LSB. When watermarking is performed by applying the proposed technique, the image quality of the watermark-concealed image is very good, so it is impossible to distinguish it from the original image, and the watermark, which is confidential data, can be extracted from the watermarked image without loss. The performance of the proposed technique was mathematically analyzed and the superiority of the proposed technique was confirmed through experiments. When the watermark was concealed by applying the proposed technique to Lenna, airplane, Tiffany, and pepper images having a size of 512×512, the PSNR values of the watermarked images were 53.91dB, 54.10dB, 54.09dB, and 54.13dB, respectively.
Color Image; LSB; Watermark Embedding; Spatial Encryption; PSNR;
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