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Low-resistance Transparent Plane Heating System using CVD Graphene  

Yoo, Byongwook (Department of Energy IT, Gachon University)
Han, Sangsoo (Department of Electrical Engineering, Gachon University)
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The Journal of Korea Institute of Information, Electronics, and Communication Technology / v.12, no.3, 2019 , pp. 218-223 More about this Journal
To prevent the low heating effect of heating system caused by the high sheet resistance of CVD graphene, multi-layered graphene was laminated to implement a Transparent plane heating system with good optical properties of low-resistance. Low-resistance plane heating system implemented by $300{\times}400{\times}5mm$ heating plane laminated multi-layered CVD graphene film and PWM control system to drive efficient power. A plane resistance value of $85.5{\Omega}/sq$ was measured on average for 4-layer CVD graphene film used as a heating plane. Thus, the transfer by thermal film as the method of implementing low-resistance CVD graphene is reasonable. The experimental results of heat test show that an average heat-rise rate in low-resistance, transperent plane heating system using CVD graphene is $10^{\circ}C/min$ and has an optical transmittance rate of 86.44%. Therefore, the proposed heating system is applicable to large window glass and vehicle heating window-shild-glass.
CVD graphene; transparent plane heating system; PWM control; 4-layer Graphene;
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