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A Watermarking System using Adaptive Thresholds  

Sang-Heun Oh (삼성전자 DM연구소 연구원)
Sung-Wook Park (삼성전자 DM연구소 연구원)
Bvyung-Jun Kim (삼성전자 IT Center 연구원)
In this paper, a discrete wavelet transform (DWT)-based watermarking system is proposed. The main feature of proposed system is that the embedding system uses adaptive thresholds to control the trade-off between the qualify of the watermarked image and the capacity of the watermark, and the trade-off between the quality and robustness of the watermarked image. Also, the extracting system rebuilds threshold according to various attacks and decides a watermark bit from the least distorted coefficient after measuring the distortion of coefficient. Finally, a new measure to detect the uniqueness of watermark is proposed. The experimental result shows that the proposed watermarking system is robust against conventional signal processing and intentional attacks.
watermark; rebuild threshold; measure distortion;
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