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Digital Image Watermarking Scheme in the Singular Vector Domain  

Lee, Juck Sik (경기대학교)
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Journal of the Institute of Convergence Signal Processing / v.16, no.4, 2015 , pp. 122-128 More about this Journal
As multimedia information is spread over cyber networks, problems such as protection of legal rights and original proof of an information owner raise recently. Various image transformations of DCT, DFT and DWT have been used to embed a watermark as a token of ownership. Recently, SVD being used in the field of numerical analysis is additionally applied to the watermarking methods. A watermarking method is proposed in this paper using Gabor cosine and sine transform as well as SVD for embedding and extraction of watermarks for digital images. After delivering attacks such as noise addition, space transformation, filtering and compression on watermarked images, watermark extraction algorithm is performed using the proposed GCST-SVD method. Normalized correlation values are calculated to measure the similarity between embedded watermark and extracted one as the index of watermark performance. Also visual inspection for the extracted watermark images has been done. Watermark images are inserted into the lowest vertical ac frequency band. From the experimental results, the proposed watermarking method using the singular vectors of SVD shows large correlation values of 0.9 or more and visual features of an embedded watermark for various attacks.
Watermarking; GCST; SVD; Singular Vector;
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