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Design of Application Module for the Excel File Security Management  

Jang, Seung Ju (Department of Computer Engineering, Dongeui University)
In this paper, we design a security management application module for an Excel VBA password file. You will set a password for the important VBA program file. If this password is lost, you set a new password. If you forgot the password after setting the password in the Excel VBA file, you will not be able to change the VBA source code. In this paper, we design a function to modify VBA file passwords conveniently. The VBA password modification module extracts VBA files from Excel files. The password can be modified by modifying specific field information in the extracted VBA program file. This allows you to modify the password for the VBA program file. The experiments were performed by implementing the contents proposed in this paper. As a result of the experiment, we can confirm that the password can be used by modifying the VBA file password.
VBA; VBA Password; VBA Password Changing; Module; Design;
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