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Review of Music Interventions for Family Caregivers of Patients in Medical Settings  

Choi, Da In (Ewha Music Rehabilitation Center)
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Journal of Music and Human Behavior / v.14, no.1, 2017 , pp. 17-39 More about this Journal
This study aimed to review Korean-written and English-written studies on music interventions for family caregivers of patients in medical settings. Electronic databases were searched for studies published through 2016, using the keywords of music intervention, family caregivers, and specified settings. A total of 43 studies, five Korean-written and 38 English-written studies, were selected. The results showed that caregivers were the sole participants in five studies (family-only), and caregivers and patients co-participated in 38 studies (family-patient). While diversified types of family participation were included in the English-written studies dating back to the late 1980s, the Korean-written studies were the only ones to include patients as co-participants with their caregivers. Studies with family-only participation tended to be conducted in palliative care units and usually included the spouses of the patients. Meanwhile, studies with family-patient participation tended to be conducted in NICU or cancer units and usually included the parents of the patients. Furthermore, studies with family-only participation tended to apply passive music activities, and those with family-patient participation tended to use active music activities. The results of this study present baseline data on how family-centered care can be included in music interventions in medical settings in Korea, suggesting future studies to systematically analyze music interventions for family caregivers in terms of diversified patient- and caregiver-related factors.
family caregiver; music intervention; medical setting; family-centered care; literature review;
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