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Abundane of Rare Earth Element in Duwon Meteorite and Its Geochchemical Significance  

Lee Seung-Gu (한국지질자원연구원 지하수지열연구부)
Kim Kun-Han (한국지질자원연구원 지질환경재해연구부)
Choi Byeon-Gak (서울대학교 사범대학 지구학교육과)
Publication Information
The Journal of the Petrological Society of Korea / v.13, no.4, 2004 , pp. 238-243 More about this Journal
Duwon meteorite was fallen on 23 November 1943 in Duwonmyeon, Goheung, Jeolanam-Do. We measured rare earth element abundance of Duwon meteorite by isotope dilution thermal ion mass spectrometry (ID-TIMS) and ICP-MS. As a result, except La and Ce, abundance of other rare earth element show a correspondence within 10% of error range. However, La and Ce show more than 70% in abundance, which is considered due to 1) experimental procedure or 2) inhomogeneity of sample. Leedey meteorite was fallen on 25 November 1943 in Dewey County, Oklahoma, USA. which suggested that fallen difference between Leedey and Duwon meteorites is only 2 days. Leedey and Duwon meteorites are classified as ordinary chondrite of L6 type. In Leedey chondrite-normalized REE pattern, Duwon meteorite shows nearly flattened, which suggests close relationship between Leedey and Duwon meteorites meteoritically or cosmochemically.
Duwon meteorite; Rare Earh Element; Isotope Dilution Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrome-try (ID-TIMS); Inductive-Coulpled Plasma Mass Spectrometry;
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