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Petrochemistry of the Hongcheon Fe-REE ore deposit in the Hongcheon area, Korea  

박중권 (한국지질자원연구원, 지질연구부)
이한영 (한국지질자원연구원, 지질연구부)
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The Journal of the Petrological Society of Korea / v.12, no.3, 2003 , pp. 135-153 More about this Journal
In order to understand its origin and petrogenesis, petrochemical studies of major, trace elements, REE, and stable isotopes of oxygen and carbon from the Hongcheon Fe-REE deposits have been investigated. The Hongcheon Fe-REE deposit intruding into Precambrian metasedimentary rocks consists of magnetite, various carbonates such as ankerite, siderite, magnesite and strontianite, monazite, aegirine-augite, Na-amphibole, and sulfides. Compared with major elements abundances of typical ferro-carbonatites, the Hongcheon Fe-REE deposit is enriched in FeO and depleted in CaO with increasing of $SiO_2$, where $TiO_2$and $A1_2O_3$increased and CaO, FeO, MgO and $P_2O_5$ are slightly decreased, but those are rather scattered and their trends are somewhat ambiguous. V Ni, U and Rb slightly increasing with of $SiO_2$increase and scattering or no trends of other detected elements. Nb, Zr and Zn are depleted then the abundances of typical ferro-carbonatites (Woolley and Kempe, 1989). In rare earth elements a large enrichment of total REE (maximum 14.8 wt%) and LREE relative to chondrites and HREE depleted more then the values of ferro-carbontites therefore La/Lu ratios shows large abundances (max. 16,197). The results of stable isotopes of O and C from minerals of ankerite and strontianite and whole rocks represent studied rocks are from igneous carbonatitic melts. Although petrochemical characteristics of the Hongcheon Fe-REE deposits are somewhat different from normal ferro-carbonatites from the world, this discrepancy suggests another conclusion that petrochemical characteristic of the studied Fe-REE mineralized rocks are similar to those of phoscorites from Kovdor, Russia and Sokli, Finland showing the same petrochemical compositions described above.
Magnetite; Monazite; Carbonate minerals; Fe-carbonatites; Phoscorite;
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