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A Path Analytic Exploration of Consumer Information Search in Online Clothing Purchases  

Kim, Eun-Young (Dept. of Fashion Design Information, Chungbuk National University)
Knight, Dee K. (Division of Fashion Merchandising, University of North Texas)
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Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles / v.31, no.12, 2007 , pp. 1721-1732 More about this Journal
This study identified types of information source, and explored a path model for consumer information search by shopping attributes in the context of online decision making. Participants completed self-administered questionnaires during regularly scheduled classes. A total of 219 usable questionnaires were obtained from respondents who enroll at universities in the southwestern region of the United States. For data analysis, factor analysis and path model estimation were used. Consumer information source was classified into three types for online clothing purchases: Online source, Offline retail source, and Mass media. Consumers were more likely to rely on offline retail source for online clothing purchases, than other sources. In consumer information search by shopping attributes, online sources were more likely to be related to transaction-related attributes(e.g., incentive service), whereas offline retail source(e.g., displays in stores, manufacturer's catalogs and pamphlets) were more likely to be related to product and market related attributes(e.g., aesthetics, price) when purchasing clothing online. Also, the path model emphasizes the effect of shopping attributes on traditional retailer search behavior, leading to online purchase intention for clothing. This study supports consumer information search by attributes, and discusses a managerial implication of multi-channel retailing for apparel.
Clothing; Information source; Online shopping attribute; Online purchases;
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