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A Suggestion on Instruction Service Quality Assessment Tool  

Choi Kyoung-Ho (Department of Public Opinion Poll, Jeonju University)
Lee Seung-Joo (Division of Life Science-Genetic Engineering Statistics, Cheongju University)
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The Korean Journal of Applied Statistics / v.18, no.2, 2005 , pp. 487-497 More about this Journal
The instruction assessment, which can be a tool to realize a class of high quality, evaluates instruction system and process. The result data of the instruction assessment is analysed and used to reorganize lecture contents or to improve teaching method. It enhances qualitative level of university education. The goal of the instruction assessment is to be a tool that provides high qualitative education to raise students' satisfaction. It is important to improve education service quality through instruction assessment as a useful tool for measuring service quality. The suggestion of valid tool for improving instruction service quality is described in this paper.
Service quality; Service quality index; Instruction evaluation; Validity;
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