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QR Barcode Readability Technique of the JPEG Image Based on Digital Watermarking  

Seo, Jung Hee (Department of Computer Engineering, Tongmyong University)
Park, Hung Bok (Department of Computer Engineering, Pukyong National University)
This paper proposes a quick response (QR) barcode watermarking algorithm in order to improve readability of the QR barcode in a JPEG image. The proposed algorithm embeds a watermark in a wavelet based-low frequency band for watermark robustness, and visually extracts a QR barcode after embedding the QR barcode image with confidential information into the original image via imperceptible watermarking technology. The visually extracted QR barcode watermark uses an approach to authenticate the ownership more easily through a common hardware and software-based mobile barcode reader app. Therefore, the QR barcode watermark may improve the ability to easily detect watermarks efficiently as well as imperceptibility and robustness, which is the main watermark requirement by embedding the QR barcode with watermark text information in a digital image and when compare to conventional watermarks.
Digital watermarking; Imperceptibility; QR barcode watermarking; Robustness; Wavelet transform;
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