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The Peculiarities of New Textile Hand Evaluation Method  

Eugenija, Strazdiene (Kaunas University of Technology, Faculty of Design and Technologies)
Matas, Gutauskas (Kaunas University of Technology, Faculty of Design and Technologies)
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Fibers and Polymers / v.7, no.4, 2006 , pp. 414-419 More about this Journal
The paper presents information concerning metrological and technical characteristics of KTU-Griff-Tester device, the optimization of its parameters and the cases of its application. It was defined that the behaviour of textile material during its extraction through a rounded hole depends upon its structure. Variations of geometrical shape of woven and knitted specimens can be described by mathematical expressions of shortened epicycloids and Cassini ovals. It is shown that waving process of disc shaped specimen can be predicted on the basis of the law of sine curve. The examples of textiles treatment with different types of commercial softeners are presented, herewith showing the suitability (sensitiveness) of the new device to detect the changes of textile hand. Meantime it is shown that the level of materials anisotropy can be decided on the basis of transformations of specimen's geometrical shape.
Textile hand; Evaluation methods; The extraction through a hole; Geometry transformations; Anisotropy; Mathematical models;
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